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In December 2022, Roberta Nipoti, associate researcher of IMM-Bologna, has been awarded the status of “IOP Trusted Reviewer” without first undertaking peer review training.


In 2020, IOP publisher introduced the IOP Trusted Reviewer status, a formal certification for reviewers of outstanding quality. IOP’s goal is to create a future generation of outstanding peer reviewers with the confidence to provide careful and constructive feedback. 

IOP publisher has also launched a first-of-its-kind Peer Review Excellence: IOP training and certification programme. The program is co-delivered by top-level physicists and offers a blend of online learning and hands-on peer review experience. The comprehensive and rigorously assessed program aims to increase trust in the process and standardize the quality of peer review across the physical sciences.

IOP publisher scores each peer-review-report up to maximum score of 5, be the report delivered by a reviewer trained by IOP or not.

A top five-star review meets the following criteria: 

  • Very thorough, covering all sections of the manuscript
  • Relevant to the subject of the manuscript and the broader field
  • Includes a comparison with existing literature
  • Report is returned in a timely manner
  • Recommendation is clearly justified and in line with the journal’s editorial standards

Overall, a five-star review is exceptionally detailed and adds valuable insight when informing the Editor’s decision.

The authors of reports with score of 5/5 are awarded “IOP Trusted Reviewer”. Achieving this status “IOP Trusted Reviewer” demonstrates an exceptionally high level of peer review competency. Only the top 15% of IOP’s reviewers achieve this recognition.