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Radial and longitudinal nanosized In2O3−SnO2 heterostructures were produced by applying a suitable methodology of transport and condensation. Sequential evaporation−condensation over In-seeded alumina promotes the formation of a radial heterostructure, driven by the direct vapor−solid growth mechanism. The single-crystalline In2O3 nanowire nucleates and acts as the backbone for condensation of a polycrystalline SnO2 sheath. Fabrication of longitudinal heterostructures over sapphire is achieved through the application of a nanosized gold catalyst:  the gold particles promote nucleation according to the vapor−liquid−solid mechanism, and lead to the formation of single-crystalline In2O3 nanowires with a gold droplet at the apex. Gold maintains its catalytic activity even during subsequent evaporation of SnO2 and induces the nucleation of a SnO2 single-crystal nanowire from the termination of an In2O3 …
American Chemical Society
Publication date: 
12 Dec 2007

Alberto Vomiero, M Ferroni, E Comini, G Faglia, G Sberveglieri

Biblio References: 
Volume: 7 Issue: 12 Pages: 3553-3558
Nano Letters