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Ultrathin high-k layers such as hafnium oxide (HfO2) in combination with a subnanometer SiO2 or Hf silicate have emerged as Si compatible gate dielectric materials. Medium energy ion scattering (MEIS) analysis has been carried out on a range of such metal oxide chemical vapor deposition grown HfO2∕SiO2 and HfSiOx(60%Hf)∕SiO2 gate oxide films of thickness between 1 and 2nm on Si(100), before and after decoupled plasma nitridation (DPN). The ability of MEIS in combination with energy spectrum simulation to provide quantitative layer information with subnanometer resolution is illustrated and the effect of the DPN process is shown. Excellent agreement on the deduced layer structures and atomic composition with the as grown layer parameters, as well as with those obtained from cross section electron microscopy and other studies, is demonstrated. MEIS analysis of a high-k, metal gate TiN∕Al2O3 …
American Vacuum Society
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2010

MA Reading, JA Van den Berg, PC Zalm, DG Armour, Paul Bailey, TCQ Noakes, A Parisini, T Conard, Stefan De Gendt

Biblio References: 
Volume: 28 Issue: 1 Pages: C1C65-C1C70
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and Microelectronics: Materials, Processing, Measurement, and Phenomena