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Nanostructured metallic backside reflectors (BSRs) are crucial for enhanced optical absorption in thin-film amorphous silicon solar cells. The structural fabrication based on rapid aluminum (Al) anodization has a potential for roll-to-roll processes, which are promising for low-cost and large-scale fabrication of BSRs. In this regard, the short fabrication time via appropriate choice of acid, acid concentration, temperature, and time-dependent voltage control is very important. In addition, we first demonstrate the trimming of structural height by using conventional Al anodization, so the best pore size of BSRs with the same structural height can be determined. According to integrated external quantum efficiency (IEQE) calculations, the nanostructured BSR with 430-nm pore size shows 51.6 % IEQE improvement compared with the value of the flat BSR. Moreover, it is interesting that the absorption spectra of a-Si:H …
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 
1 Aug 2015

Yao-Chung Tsao, Thomas Søndergaard, Peter Kjær Kristensen, Rita Rizzoli, Kjeld Pedersen, Thomas Garm Pedersen

Biblio References: 
Volume: 120 Issue: 2 Pages: 417-425
Applied Physics A