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We have examined the effect of submonolayer coverage of 1-pyrene butyric acid on charge carrier transport in reduced graphene oxide. We have modeled the interaction of 1-pyrene butyric acid molecules with graphene and determined the amount of charge transfer at the interface between the two materials. The effect of 1-pyrene butyric acid as electron acceptor was determined by transfer characteristics measurements on thin film transistors for thick layers. By using time-resolved photocurrent measurements we were able to detect a reduction of electron mobility in reduced graphene oxide for coverage as low as 0.08%.
Publication date: 
1 Jul 2013

Srinivasa Rao Pathipati, Egon Pavlica, Emanuele Treossi, Rita Rizzoli, Giulio Paolo Veronese, Vincenzo Palermo, Liping Chen, David Beljonne, Jinming Cai, Roman Fasel, Pascal Ruffieux, Gvido Bratina

Biblio References: 
Volume: 14 Issue: 7 Pages: 1787-1792
Organic electronics