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Interest in nanowires of metal oxide oxides has been exponentially growing in the last years, due to the attracting potential of application in electronic, optical and sensor field. We have focused our attention on the sensing properties of semiconducting nanowires as conductometric and optical gas sensors. Single crystal tin dioxide nanostructures were synthesized to explore and study their capability in form of multi-nanowires sensors. The nanowires of SnO 2 have been used to produce a novel gas sensor based on Pt/oxide/SiC structure and operating as Schottky diode. For the first time, a reactive oxide layer in this device has been replaced by SnO 2 nanowires. Proposed sensor has maintained the advantageous properties of known SiC- based MOS devices, that can be employed for the monitoring of gases (hydrogen and hydrocarbons) emitted by industrial combustion processes.
Publication date: 
10 Jun 2007

Sebastiano Bianchi, Elisabetta Comini, Matteo Ferroni, Giorgio Sberveglieri, Luca Pandolfi, Saulius Kaciulis, Wojtek Wlodarski, Mahnaz Shafiei, Sasikaran Kandasamy

Biblio References: 
Pages: 183-186
TRANSDUCERS 2007-2007 International Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Conference