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On September 25, 2014 the authors of the above mentioned paper were informed on the fact that two of the four investigated samples have had actually different fabrication history and consequently different morphology than supposed during the measurements and writing the paper. These samples are Both-B (SRC and SiC layers doped with boron) and SRC-B (boron introduced within the SRC). The boron doping was correct as described in the text; however, the samples were not annealed so that the samples contain rather amorphous phase of SiC than crystalline SiC and Si nanocrystals. 1 That is why the interpretation of the results of measurements done on these two samples and some of the conclusions are not correct. The text should be corrected in places to eliminate the false statements. In particular:
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Publication date: 
14 Nov 2014

M Kořínek, M Schnabel, M Canino, M Kozák, F Trojánek, J Salava, P Löper, S Janz, C Summonte, P Malý

Biblio References: 
Volume: 116 Issue: 18 Pages: 189902
Journal of Applied Physics