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Möbius Mosaics At Sentinum around 295 BC there took place perhaps the greatest battle of antiquity in the Italian peninsula. The engagement marked the true beginning of the Roman empire; at it the Samnites, Umbrians, Gauls, and Etruscans were definitively defeated and submitted to Roman authority. The civic museum of Sassoferrato—which is the present-day name of the nearby town that originated in the ferrous minerals contained in the surrounding hills—hosts in its archaeological section the fruit of more than two centuries of excavations, including most of the material remains of the city of Sentinum, which existed until around the sacking of Rome in 410 CE. Among these antiquities, there is a reproduction of a polychrome mosaic representing Aion and the zodiac (Fig. 1). The Sentinum mosaic, dated to 200–250 CE, depicts a Möbius strip (Fig. 2). The zodiacal symbols are shown in the band that surrounds …
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Publication date: 
1 Jun 2016

Julyan HE Cartwright, Diego L González

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Volume: 38 Issue: 2 Pages: 69-76
The Mathematical Intelligencer