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A statistical mechanical model is used to analyze literature data regarding the restricted segmental dynamics of a number of crystallized polymers, as observed by means of broadband dielectric spectroscopy. A relationship between well defined physical quantities and the width parameter in the Havriliak–Negami representation of symmetric processes is established. It is found that, for materials crystallized from an isotropic amorphous state, the segmental relaxation process is associated to conformational changes within cooperatively rearranging regions of ~1 nm diameter. In case of chain orientation, the dimension of the rearranging regions along the chain direction increases up to 3–5 nm. It is argued that the average size of the rearranging regions may influence the thickness of the amorphous interlamellar layers in the stacks. It is also found in all cases that, at the end of the crystallization process, the average …
Publication date: 
1 Feb 2010

Marco Pieruccini, Araceli Flores

Biblio References: 
Volume: 288 Issue: 4 Pages: 365-376
Colloid and Polymer Science