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The concept of higher education explores the thoughts and understanding of what outsourcing means to higher education and the impact it can have on administrators, professors, and students. The study researches students outsourcing their work and if institutions perceive this as a form of academic dishonesty. The study further researches the concept of professors outsourcing the grading of students work, and the positive and negative impacts this can have on not only the students but the professors as well. Another concept that is included in the research is the outsourcing of departments within the institution and the cost benefits it can have. The findings provide an insight to what could possibly be the future in higher education and the concept that outsourcing is not only for overseas benefits in the business industry but how it will evolve in the higher education field.
Publication date: 
1 Sep 2013

Matthew D Gonzalez

Biblio References: 
Issue: 3
Journal of International Diversity