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High purity germanium (HPGe) is the key material for gamma ray detectors production. Its high purity level (≤ 2 centerdot 10− 4 ppb of doping impurity) has to be preserved in the bulk during the processes needed to form the detector junctions. With the goal of improving the device performance and expanding the application fields, in this paper many alternative doping processes are evaluated, in order to verify their effect on the purity of the material. In more detail, we investigated the electrical activation of contaminating doping defects or impurities inside the bulk HPGe, induced by both conventional and non-conventional surface doping processes, such as boron ion implantation, phosphorus and gallium diffusion from spin-on doping sources, antimony equilibrium diffusion from a remote sputtered source and laser thermal annealing (LTA) of sputtered antimony. Doping defects, thermally-activated during high …
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Publication date: 
12 Nov 2018

Virginia Boldrini, Gianluigi Maggioni, Sara Carturan, Walter Raniero, Francesco Sgarbossa, Ruggero Milazzo, Daniel Ricardo Napoli, Enrico Napolitani, R Camattari, D De Salvador

Biblio References: 
Volume: 52 Issue: 3 Pages: 035104
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics