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Silicon carbide is a well-known material with high thermal, mechanical and chemical stability. These properties have allowed, over time, its wide use as an inert material to be employed as a substrate or support in different applications. In this work, we demonstrate that, under proper conditions, it is possible to activate the chemical reactivity of nanostructured SiC, which can be employed for chemoresistive purposes. With this aim, a commercial powder of SiC has been characterized from a morphological, structural and thermal point of view. Then, screen–printed thick films were obtained from SiC powder and thus tested as a functional material for chemoresistive gas sensors, in thermo-activation mode. The samples were exposed to 13 gases with important chemical differences. Analyses showed that SiC is an extremely selective functional material for the detection of sulphur dioxide (SO2) in concentrations within …
Publication date: 
15 Feb 2020

A Gaiardo, B Fabbri, A Giberti, M Valt, S Gherardi, V Guidi, C Malagù, P Bellutti, G Pepponi, D Casotti, G Cruciani, G Zonta, N Landini, M Barozzi, S Morandi, L Vanzetti, R Canteri, M Della Ciana, A Migliori, E Demenev

Biblio References: 
Volume: 305 Pages: 127485
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical