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Raw materials (RMs) are essential for the production of a broad range of goods and applications used in everyday life. In particular, the accelerating technological innovation and the rapid growth of emerging economies have led to a steadily increasing demand for a great numbers of metals and minerals. They are crucial also for fostering the transition towards a low-carbon economy. Thanks to a strategic European Partnership some learning paths for pupils aged 10 to 18 years were developed in the framework of Raw Matters Ambassadors at Schools (RM@ Schools), a European project funded by the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) since 2016. These paths aim at increasing the understanding of how RMs are needed in modern society, and to make careers in RM more attractive. The RM@ Schools learning integrated method enables the students to expand their background knowledge in this field outside the current curricular topics and allow interconnections with others subjects of study. Several educational approaches (ie, learning-by-doing, team working, peer-to-peer, gamification, etc.) are used to foster students’ interest in science and technology, in particular in circular economy and RM-related topics. Young people are trained to become science communicators (Young RM Ambassadors), and to create a “product” that can be communicated outside of the class. This method helps students to develop skills such as creativity, critical thinking, awareness of responsibility and teamwork, as well as to improve scientific knowledge on some scientific topics. The learning pathway covering the whole RMs value chain, from …
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2020

Armida Torreggiani, Alberto Zanelli, Marica Canino, Giovanna Sotgiu, Emilia Benvenuti, Lorenzo Forini, Annalisa Aluigi, Eleonora Polo, Renata Lapinska-Viola, A Degli Esposti

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Pages: 18-19
10th International conference the future of education virtual edition, Firenze (Italy) virtual conference