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NANOMEMS-X is an industrial research project presented by IMAMOTER - C.N.R. and approved the "Call for strategic industrial research projects targeted at priority areas of smart specialization strategy" (DGR 774/2015) within the POR FESR EMILIA-ROMAGNA 2014/2020 Asse 1 Azione 1.2.2

The project involves the construction of newly developed strain sensors, with high sensitivity and wider measuring range, which allow you to create innovative applications, able to give a competitive advantage to both manufacturers of components of the mechatronics segment that machine builders.These sensors will be realized using two different technologies, one employed the MEMS technologies and another based on elastic nanocomposites, in order to cover a large number of applications.

The innovation of the components and functional principles allow one side to realize a high-sensitivity sensors and on the other to obtain products that in traditional technologies are all protected by patents and therefore not producible.

The project provides for the application of Strain Sensors on a rigid support for the realization of stress sensors, strain, force, torque and pressure of mechanical apparatuses, in positions where the traditional technologies would not be applicable.The same devices will be used for non-invasive pressure sensors, or that do not require a direct contact with the fluid, enabling a new class of smart components in hydraulic, whose excellence is in Emilia Romagna region.

Elastic strain sensors based on conductive nanocomposite materials (CTPE), obtained by micro-extrusion, will be employed for the measurement of fluid pressure in the hoses, for the manufacture of touch systems to be integrated directly on operator commands or for the monitoring of the state of the tires.These devices consist of very low cost material (4 cents / gr.) And allow to realize external systems to be applied also to already existing facilities. All sensors will be realized with a digital electronics capable of providing both information in analog format or through communications networks used in the machines.


Contact person: Luca Belsito

2016-04-01 to 2018-03-31