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The understanding of charge carrier dynamics in complex heterojunctions is of the utmost importance for the performance optimization of photoelectrochemical cells, especially in operando. Intensity‐modulated photocurrent spectroscopy (IMPS) is a powerful tool to this aim, but the information content provided by this technique can be further enhanced by selectively probing each layer of complex heterojunctions by means of multiple excitation sources. Herein, the charge carrier dynamics of a WO3/BiVO4/CoFe–PB heterojunction, used in a conventional three electrode cell for water splitting, is studied using wavelength‐dependent IMPS (WD‐IMPS). The proposed data analysis allows us to identify the occurrence of interface recombination processes affecting the semiconductor junction, as well as the positive contribution of the inorganic complex catalyst on the charge separation efficiency of the BiVO4 layer. The …
Publication date: 
30 Apr 2022

Pierpaolo Vecchi, Alberto Piccioni, Raffaello Mazzaro, Michele Mazzanti, Vito Cristino, Stefano Caramori, Luca Pasquini

Biblio References: 
Pages: 2200108
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