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The Caulobacter DNA methyltransferase CcrM is one of five master cell-cycle regulators. CcrM is transiently present near the end of DNA replication when it rapidly methylates the adenine in hemimethylated GANTC sequences. The timing of transcription of two master regulator genes and two cell division genes is controlled by the methylation state of GANTC sites in their promoters. To explore the global extent of this regulatory mechanism, we determined the methylation state of the entire chromosome at every base pair at five time points in the cell cycle using single-molecule, real-time sequencing. The methylation state of 4,515 GANTC sites, preferentially positioned in intergenic regions, changed progressively from full to hemimethylation as the replication forks advanced. However, 27 GANTC sites remained unmethylated throughout the cell cycle, suggesting that these protected sites could participate in …
National Academy of Sciences
Publication date: 
26 Nov 2013

Jennifer B Kozdon, Michael D Melfi, Khai Luong, Tyson A Clark, Matthew Boitano, Susana Wang, Bo Zhou, Diego Gonzalez, Justine Collier, Stephen W Turner, Jonas Korlach, Lucy Shapiro, Harley H McAdams

Biblio References: 
Volume: 110 Issue: 48 Pages: E4658-E4667
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences