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During the course of the EU H2020 OLEUM project, a harmonized method was developed to quantify volatile markers of the aroma of virgin olive oil with the aim to support the work of sensory panel test to assess the quality grade. A peer validation of this method has been carried out, with good results in terms of analytical quality parameters. The method allows the quantification of volatile compounds by SPME-GC with two possible detectors, flame ionization detector and mass spectrometry, depending on the technical facilities of the labs applying this method. The method was optimized for the quantification of 18 volatile compounds that were selected as being markers responsible for positive attributes (e.g. fruity) and sensory defects (e.g. rancid and winey-vinegary). The quantification is carried out with calibration curves corrected by the internal standards. Additionally, a protocol is provided to prepare the …
Publication date: 
16 Dec 2022

Ramón Aparicio-Ruiz, Enrico Casadei, Clemente Ortiz Romero, Diego L García González, Maurizio Servili, Roberto Selvaggini, Florence Lacoste, Julien Escobessa, Stefania Vichi, Beatriz Quintanilla-Casas, Alba Tres, Pierre Alain Golay, Paolo Lucci, Erica Moret, Enrico Valli, Alessandra Bendini, Tullia Gallina Toschi

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Pages: 101972