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We report an in-depth study on how spin information propagates at supramolecular scale through a family of heteroaromatic linkers. By density-functional theory calculations, we rationalize the behavior of a series of Cr 7 Ni dimers for which we are able to systematically change the aromatic linker thus tuning the strength of the magnetic interaction, as experimentally shown by low temperature micro-SQUID and specific heat measurements. We also predict a cos 2 dependence of the magnetic coupling on the twisting angle between the aromatic cycles in bicyclic linkers, a mechanism parallel to charge transport on similar systems [L. Venkataraman et al., Nature (London) 442, 904 (2006)].
American Physical Society
Publication date: 
3 Jun 2011

V Bellini, G Lorusso, A Candini, Wolfgang Wernsdorfer, Thomas B Faust, Grigore A Timco, Richard EP Winpenny, Marco Affronte

Biblio References: 
Volume: 106 Issue: 22 Pages: 227205
Physical review letters