the movie "Electron Interference"

In 1976 The National Research Council (CNR) produced a short (14 min) movie on the experiment of single electron interference (the most beautiful experiment in physics, according to a poll of Physics World readers in 2002), performed by Pier Giorgio Merli, Gian Franco Missiroli and Giulio Pozzi (P.G. Merli, G.F. Missiroli, G. Pozzi Am. J. Phys. 44 (1976) 306). Dario Nobili (at that time Director of Research at the CNR-LAMEL Institute in Bologna) and Lucio Morettini, responsible of the Scientific Film Department of the CNR-LAMEL collaborated with the three authors of the experiment on the screenplay. Lucio Morettini was also the movie's Director.

The movie was awarded with the gold medal in the Physics Section of the Seventh International Scientific and Technical Movie Festival, held in Brussels in 1976.

In March 2008 the movie, together with all the others produced in the years 1976-1996 by the Scientific Film Department of the CNR and collected by the CNR in a Foundation dedicated to Lucio Morettini, was deposited at the Cineteca di Bologna the insitution well known for its work of conservation, restoration and promotion of the national and international film heritage.

In 2010, in the framework of a project for the diffusion of scientific culture of the Italian Ministry of Research, the movie has been digitally remastered by the Cineteca e published again in a DVD together with a documentary ("The most beautiful experiment") produced in 2010. Here the link to watch the documentary online.


  • Folder (1976) of the Scientific Film Department of CNR-LAMEL
  • Award gained at the Brussels' Scientific Movie Festival in 1976.


For mode details and documentation on the history and implications of the most beautiful experiment in physics, visit the site



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