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In this work we report the functional characterization of a multisensor miniaturised gas chromatographic system prototype for a specific application in food analysis, ie for the evaluation of fish freshness. A p-machined GC column and an array of four micromachined gas sensors based on SnO2 and In2O3 were the basic elements of the prototype. The system was tested to different mixtures of ammonia (NH3), trimethylammine (TMA) and dimethylammine (DMA), which are volatile species typically used as markers of fish deterioration, showing appreciable properties of gas separation and detection. A specific data analysis method for this application, suitably developed to process the gas sensor chromatograms acquired by the system, allowed the identification and quantification of the components in NH3/TMA/DMA m1XtureS.
World Scientific
Publication date: 
24 Jul 2008
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Pages: 256
Proceedings of the 12th Italian Conference, Sensors and Microsystems, Napoli, Italy, 12-14 February 2007