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An ultrasonic probe consisting of two optical fiber-based miniaturized transducers for wideband ultrasound emission and detection is employed for the characterization of in vitro biological tissues. In the probe, ultrasound generation is obtained by thermoelastic emission from patterned carbon films in Micro-Opto-Mechanical-System (MOMS) devices mounted on the tip of an optical fiber, whereas acousto-optical detection is performed in a similar way by a miniaturized polymeric interferometer. The microprobe presents a wide, flat bandwidth that is a very attractive feature for ultrasonic investigation, especially for tissue characterization. Thanks to the very high ultrasonic frequencies obtained, the probe is able to reveal different details of the object under investigation by analyzing the ultrasonic signal within different frequencies ranges, as shown by specific experiments performed on a patterned cornstarch flour …
Publication date: 
1 Mar 2017

E Vannacci, S Granchi, L Belsito, A Roncaglia, E Biagi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 75 Pages: 164-173