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Aluminium (Al) is a ubiquitous metal that is potentially toxic to the brain. Its effects on other fundamental organs are not completely understood. This morphological in vivo study sought to compare sublethal hepatotoxic changes and Al deposition in adult mice that orally ingested Al sulphate daily for 10 months, in age matched control mice that drank tap water and in senescent mice (24 months old). Livers were examined for collagen deposition using Sirius red and Masson, for iron accumulation using Perls’ stain. Light, electron microscopy and morphometry were used to assess fibrosis and vascular changes. Scanning transmission electron microscopy and EDX microanalysis were used to detect in situ elemental Al. Iron deposition, transferrin receptor expression were significantly altered following Al exposure and in the aged liver but were unaffected in age matched control mice. In Al treated mice as in senescent …
Publication date: 
1 Apr 2008

Alessandra Stacchiotti, Antonio Lavazza, Matteo Ferroni, Giorgio Sberveglieri, Rossella Bianchi, Rita Rezzani, Luigi Fabrizio Rodella

Biblio References: 
Volume: 43 Issue: 4 Pages: 330-338
Experimental gerontology