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Photonic crystals are attracting great interest because of the possibility to functionalize surfaces and materials and to obtain integrated devices suitable for the implementation of different optical functions. These systems can be used to fulfil a specific function (Filtering, Amplifying, Switching, Shifting, etc.) but can also be integrated in more complex hybrid systems, including optical and electronic signals, suitable for performing more complex functions. The application of such devices can span from Telecommunications, Space Applications to Ambient Safety or Security Monitoring. In this work the design and development of an integrated photonic micro-device, fabricated on single crystal LiNbO3 substrates, by using non-standard processes such as Deep UV laser lithography and High Energy Ion Implantation techniques, is described. The structure is composed by two linear Bragg Gratings fabricated on a channel or …
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2006

Marco Chiarini, Paolo Cerabolini, Giuseppe Pennestri, Gian G Bentini, Marco Bianconi, Annalisa Cerutti, Alessio Nubile, Simone Sugliani, Letizia Gallerani, Rodolfo Guzzi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 42541 Pages: 147-153
CANEUS: MNT for Aerospace Applications