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Pt/nanostructured ZnO/SiC Schottky contact devices were fabricated and characterized for hydrogen gas sensing. These devices were investigated in reverse bias due to greater sensitivity, which attributes to the application of nanostructured ZnO. The current‐voltage (I‐V) characteristics of these devices were measured in different hydrogen concentrations. Effective change in the barrier height for 1% hydrogen was calculated as 27.06 meV at 620° C. The dynamic response of the sensors was also investigated and a voltage shift of 325 mV was recorded at 620° C during exposure to 1% hydrogen in synthetic air.
American Institute of Physics
Publication date: 
23 May 2009

Mahnaz Shafiei, Jerry Yu, Rashidah Arsat, Kourosh Kalantar‐zadeh, Elisabetta Comini, Matteo Ferroni, Giorgio Sberveglieri, Wojtek Wlodarski

Biblio References: 
Volume: 1137 Issue: 1 Pages: 353-356
AIP Conference Proceedings