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Self-organizing nanopatterns can enable economically competitive, industrially applicable light-harvesting platforms for thin-film solar cells. In this work, we present transparent solar cell substrates having quasi-periodic uniaxial nanowrinkle patterns with high optical haze values. The self-organized nanowrinkle template is created by controlled heat-shrinking of metal-deposited pre-stretched polystyrene sheets. A scalable UV-nanoimprinting method is used to transfer the nanopatterns to glass substrates on which single-junction hydrogenated amorphous silicon p-i-n solar cells are subsequently fabricated. The structural and optical analyses of the solar cell show that the nanowrinkle pattern is replicated throughout the solar cell structure leading to enhanced absorption of light. The efficient broadband light-trapping in the nanowrinkle solar cells results in very high 18.2 mA/cm2 short-circuit current density and 9.5 …
Publication date: 
1 May 2017

Sanjay K Ram, Derese Desta, Rita Rizzoli, Bruno P Falcão, Emil H Eriksen, Michele Bellettato, Bjarke R Jeppesen, Pia B Jensen, Caterina Summonte, Rui N Pereira, Arne Nylandsted Larsen, Peter Balling

Biblio References: 
Volume: 35 Pages: 341-349
Nano Energy