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Colissionless plasmas are non-extensive systems which, due to the long-range interaction between their components, are incapable of reaching thermal equilibrium, even in a steady state. These systems cannot, therefore, be described statistically by a single canonical distribution with well-defined inverse temperature β = 1/kBT and are commonly described via two alternative approaches: namely Tsallis statistics and Superstatistics. The use of Superstatistics in describing steady-state plasmas has been proposed by several authors, more recently Ourabah et al. In this work we study the consequences of this assumption of Superstatistics for steady-state plasmas. We explicitly show that only the ensembles characterized by the condition P(x|ρ) = ρ(H(x)) are consistent with a generalized definition of temperature introduced recently. We show how this formalism is employed in the case of plasma, considering …
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Publication date: 
1 Jun 2018

Sergio Davis, Jalaj Jain, Diego González, Gonzalo Gutiérrez

Biblio References: 
Volume: 1043 Issue: 1 Pages: 012011
Journal of Physics: Conference Series