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A small post-accelerator has been used to measure the charge-state fractions of 0.125-0.50 MeV/amu He ions backscattered from silver films. The kinematics behavior of the backscattered ions is given by the well-known Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry (RBS) Technique. In order to determine the film thickness at which the equilibrium film charge-state distribution occurs, we measured the charge state fractions for film thicknesses between 5.4 and 24.8 μg cm-2. Deconvolution analyses of the data reveal that the charge-states of He ions backscattered from Ag-films of thickness 14.8 μg cm-2, within the experimental errors, represent the equilibrium fractions. The experimental data at low energies appear to have three well-resolved peaks corresponding to the charge-state fractions of helium (He0, He+ and He++) while at higher energies only two peaks were detected corresponding to the charge-state fractions …
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2005

AA Mahasneh, AW Ajlouni, O Abu-Haija, PN Abufager, AE Martinez, RD Rivarola, PD Fainstein, DE Arafah, JD Meyer, H Sharabati, A Mahmoud, DE Arafah, Y Baudniet-Robinet, PD Dumont, HP Garnir, Y Baudinet-Robinet, GG Bentini, E Albertazzi, M Bianconi, R Lotti, G Lulli, M Bianconi, GG Bentini, R Lotti, R Nipoti, WK Chu, JW Mayer, MA Nicolet, A Goluvev, V Turtikov, A Fertman, I Roudsoky, B Sharkov, K Gouri, A Johnson, M Imai, M Sataka, K Kawatsura, K Takahiro, K Komaki, A Itoh, H Tuschida, T Majima, A Yogo, A Ogawa, WN Lennard, D Philips, DAS Walker, K Nakajima, Y Okura, M Suzuki, K Kimura, F Sols, F Flores, AS Stuchbery, AN Wilson, PM Davidson, X Tordoir, T Bastin, PD Dumont, HP Garinir, JF Ziegler, JP Biersack, N Littmark

Biblio References: 
Volume: 7 Issue: 11 Pages: 255-259
Journal of Applied Sciences