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We report the use of an electrostatic MEMS-based device to produce high quality electron vortex beams with more than 1000 quanta of orbital angular momentum (OAM). Diffraction and off-axis electron holography experiments are used to show that the diameter of the vortex in the diffraction plane increases linearly with OAM, thereby allowing the angular momentum content of the vortex to be calibrated. The realization of electron vortex beams with even larger values of OAM is currently limited by the breakdown voltage of the device. Potential solutions to overcome this problem are discussed.
Publication date: 
28 Feb 2022

AH Tavabi, P Rosi, A Roncaglia, E Rotunno, M Beleggia, PH Lu, L Belsito, G Pozzi, S Frabboni, P Tiemeijer, RE Borkowski, V Grillo

Biblio References: 
arXiv preprint arXiv:2203.00477