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This paper focuses on the design of an experiment with the aim of adapting a research topic to the curricula of different types of school in Italy. The topic is the substitution of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), constituted by the expensive and rare Indium, in electronic components. The work was carried out in the frame of the RM@schools project [1] funded by the EIT with the aim of making careers in raw materials attractive for youngsters. The project proposes to schools active learning pathways which include not only classes, but also experiments, excursions in industries and international science centres, and science dissemination activities. In Italy, these activities are suited for an alternation between school and work, which has been made compulsory by law 107/2015 in order to bridge the gap between traditional school knowledge and labor market requirements. The proposed topic, i.e. substitution of ITO in optoelectronic …
Publication date: 
20 Mar 2020

Mariaconcetta Canino, Armida Torreggiani, Alessandra Degli Esposti, Mirko Seri, Emilia Benvenuti

Biblio References: 
Conference Proceedings. New Perspectives in Science Education 2020