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Electronic devices are found as enabling technology in many objects of daily use. Some show a clear usage of electronic components, such as mobile phones and PCs, whereas in many objects the reliance on electronic control is less evident. This is the case of the most recent domestic appliances, where the use of the so-called” inverter technology” allows for smarter use of electricity, and of electric cars, where the inverter is defined as the brain of the motor. The inverter is an electronic device that commutes current from continuous to alternate. Though silicon is the most common material employed in electronic device fabrication, the high power absorbed by electric cars requires inverters able to withstand high currents and voltages. The most suitable material for high power devices is silicon carbide (SiC), a semiconductor whose improvement is the aim of several research projects all over the world. «Challenge …
Publication date: 
19 Mar 2021

Mariaconcetta Canino, Laura Vivani, Francesco La Via

Biblio References: 
Conference Proceedings. New Perspectives in Science Education 2021