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High precision manufacturing is playing a fundamental role in Photonics to enable innovation in several disciplines ranging from optical communications to imaging, healthcare and security. Printing has a potential huge impact on the manufacturing of photonic crystals (PCs). The concept of PCs and photonic band gap materials has opened a new era allowing the realization of advanced nanomaterials for photonics. This chapter mainly describes the impact of High-Resolution Manufacturing techniques on the conception of new bulk materials and on their application as dielectric laser-driven accelerators. The light flow control enabled by PCs represents a unique possibility to reach high energies in compact accelerator structures. Examples of PC structures, having different geometries and accelerating properties, are discussed, illustrating their fabrication process. Recent developments of high-resolution printing of …
Springer, Cham
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2022

Costantino DeAngelis, Andrea Locatelli, Giorgio S Mauro, Rita Rizzoli, Gino Sorbello, Giuseppe Torrisi

Biblio References: 
Pages: 269-291
High Resolution Manufacturing from 2D to 3D/4D Printing