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IMM Bologna is equipped with a wide range of facilities for design, manufacture, characterization of devices, and for investigation of materials properties and processes, allowing a global approach to material science, microelectronics and MEMS research activities.

IMM-BO has the largest publicly funded facility for silicon micro-machining in Italy (located in a 500 m2 ISO 5-8 Clean Room), capable of producing different non-VLSI devices, in particular micro-electro-mechanical-systems (MEMS), 3rd generation solar cells and photovoltaic devices

Clean Room facility is mainly dedicated to the research and manufacture of microelectronics and MEMS devices, with possibility of carrying out a small-scale production of customized devices. Dedicated technologies have been developed for the manufacture of IR emitters, silicon thermopiles, bolometers, micro-hot plates, Single Photon Avalanche Detectors (SPAD), SiC diodes and MOSFETs, Mach-Zender interferometers based on LiNbO3, innovative photovoltaic cells, CNT structures, graphene-based structures, Silicon Photonic for DataCom application, Power Harvesting based on silicon nanowires, all-silicon micro gas chromatographs.

In addition, and in synergic integration with the Silicon technologies, in IMM-BO research activities on carbon-based materials, like carbon nanotubes (CNTs), graphene is extensively carried out.

Micro/nano fabrication at Bologna Unit


Peculiar of IMM Bologna facilities is the availability of a 500 m2 clean-room, with 100 (ISO 5) and 100000 (ISO 8) class laboratories, fully equipped...