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On April 28 and 29 the kick off meeting of the PRIN 2020 project AsBeST (A 7-Beryllium electron capture STudy for nuclear and solid state physics) took place in Bologna. The project is coordinaed by prof. Lucio Gialanella of the University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli".

The objective is to measure the decay time of the radioactive isotope 7Be when it is subject to a strong electric field. CNR-IMM is going to fabricate the silicon carbide devices that will host implanted 7Be atoms. The electric field will be created by applying a bias to the devices.

The picture shows some of the members of the scientific team. From the left: Heiner Neitzert (UniSA), Raffaele Buompane (Uni Campania), Virginia Boldrini (CNR-IMM), Claudio Santonastaso (UniSA), Marica Canino (CNR-IMM), Lucio Gialanella (Uni Campania), Alba Formicola (INFN), Marco Pieruccini (CNR-IMM), Nicola Casali (INFN) and Luigi Di Benedetto (UniSA).