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This paper presents an integrable optical network-on-chip based on multiple microrings, named multimicroring (MMR). The network consists of a central resonating microring with local microrings connected to the input/output ports. Multiple parallel communications can be supported through wavelength division multiplexing by properly tuning local microrings. The paper reports progress towards the realization and control of the MMR network-on-chip using a silicon-based CMOS compatible platform. Strained silicon is selected and demonstrated to be a valid material for realizing integrated devices suitable for packet switching. Then a mathematical model based on the transfer matrix method is used to assess the MMR physical performance, showing that the network is robust to crosstalk. Finally a novel scheduling framework is proposed for arbitrating the packet transmissions. Simulation results of the network …
Publication date: 
23 Jun 2014

Nicola Andriolli, Isabella Cerutti, Paolo Pintus, Mirco Scaffardi, Diego Marini, Giovanni Battista Montanari, Fulvio Mancarella, Matteo Ferri, Roberto Balboni, Gabriele Bolognini

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Pages: 1-5
2014 European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC)