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Bacteria are fascinating organisms that are able to adapt to a variety of environmental conditions. However, because of this characteristic, bacterial pathogens are able to quickly evolve to bypass human antibacterial measures. The rapid increase in resistance to antibiotics, combined with the slowing to a trickle of new antibiotics progressing through the pipeline over the past decades, could soon lead to a public health crisis. A major reason for antibiotic resistance development is the fact that current antibiotics target components of the bacterial cell which are essential for the viability of the microorganism. This creates selective pressure for the survival of bacteria that are resistant to the antibiotic in use. A way to avoid the emergence of 'superbugs' is to try to render pathogenic bacteria harmless by developing compounds that target their weaponry i.e. the molecules that allow bacteria to invade and damage their host …
Science Impact Ltd
Publication date: 
25 Nov 2017

Despoina Mavridou, Diego Gonzalez, Christopher Furniss

Biblio References: 
Volume: 2017 Issue: 10 Pages: 55-57