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This paper describes an embedded system for the simultaneous dynamic control and thermal characterization of the heating phase of an Ultra Low Power (ULP) micromachined sensor, featuring thermal characteristics quite similar to those of innovative ULP semiconducting metal oxide (MOX) sensors. A Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) powering system has been realized using a microcontroller featuring an ARM7 core to characterize the thermal behavior of a device formed by a Pt microheater and a Pt temperature sensor, over an insulating membrane. Two operating modes, namely constant target heater resistance and constant heating power, were implemented. The aim was to analyze the relation between heating period and operating temperature, to observe the thermal time constants of the device and the total thermal conductance. Repeatability of experimental results was assessed by guaranteeing the …
Publication date: 
3 May 2010

F Rastrello, P Placidi, L Bissi, A Scorzoni, E Cozzani, I Elmi, S Zampolli, GC Cardinali

Biblio References: 
Pages: 1591-1595
2010 IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Technology Conference Proceedings