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Channelling in bent crystals is technique with high potential to steer charged-particle beams for several applications in accelerators. Channeling and related techniques underwent significant progress in the last years. Distinctive features of performance increase were the availability of novel ideas other than new techniques to manufacture the crystal for channeling. We propose two methods to fabricate crystals through silicon micromachining techniques, i.e., isotropic or anisotropic silicon etchings. Characterization of the crystals accomplished for both methods to highlight that the crystals are free of lattice damage induced by the preparation. Crystals prepared by both kinds of methodologies were positively tested at the external line HS of the SPS with 400 GeV protons for investigation on both planar and axial channeling as well as on both single and multiple volume reflection experiments by the HS-RD22 …
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2010

Andrea Mazzolari, Stefano Baricordi, Vincenzo Guidi, Giuliano Martinelli, Donato Vincenzi, Matteo Ferroni

Biblio References: 
Pages: 180-186
Charged And Neutral Particles Channeling Phenomena: Channeling 2008