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The presented results of analogue models analyze the influence of the relation between the convergence angle and the stepover angle on strike-slip systems. The experiments include 2 stepovers arrays to generate both transpressional and transtensional zones. These experiments were prepared using 5 cm thick sandpack (sand diameter< 500 μm, internal friction angle 30, density 1,400 kg/m3) to simulate brittle deformation; the base of the model was formed by thin zinc base plates, one of them mobile, cut in such a way so as to produce restraining and releasing strike-slip stepovers; the rate convergence was constant. We carried out 3 series of experiments in which the convergence angles (0-60) and stepover angles (30-60) were varied systematically. Preliminary results indicate that by increasing the angle between the stepover and the convergence vector: a) the restraining area generated a positive flower …
Publication date: 
1 Dec 2008

D Gonzalez, L Pinto

Biblio References: 
Volume: 2008 Pages: T23B-2013
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