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In this paper the electrical and structural characteristics of n-MOSFETs fabricated on 4H SiC with a process based on nitrogen (N) implantation in the channel region before the growth of the gate oxide are reported for low (5x1018 cm-3) and high (6x1019 cm-3) N concentration at the SiO2/SiC interface. The electron mobility and the free carrier concentration in the MOSFET channel were evaluated by Hall effect measurement. The MOSFETs with the higher N concentration had the best electrical characteristics in terms of threshold voltage and field effect mobility, in spite of a lowering of the electron mobility in the channel. The latter is a negative drawback of the fabrication process that probably can be ascribed to an incomplete recovery of the implantation damage or to a high density of interstitial N atoms present in the channel region. In fact, the MOSFETs with the superior electrical performances were fabricated with …
Trans Tech Publications Ltd
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2010

Francesco Moscatelli, Antonella Poggi, Sandro Solmi, Roberta Nipoti, Aldo Armigliato, Luca Belsito

Biblio References: 
Volume: 645 Pages: 491-494
Materials Science Forum