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Thienopyrrole-dione (TI) end capped materials have recently emerged as polymorphic molecular semiconductors suitable as active layers of ambipolar light emitting transistors, photovoltaic cells and time temperature integrator devices. Here, we report the synthesis of a new derivative, namely 2, 2'-([2, 2'-Bithiophene]-5, 5'-diyl) bis (5-octyl-4-phenyl-4H-thieno [2, 3-c] pyrrol-6 (5H)-one)(R-NT4N), having monoreduced TI moiety (R-TI) end groups. Ring opening of TI moiety by Grignard reagent addition followed by one-pot reduction/ring ...
The Royal Society of Chemistry
Publication date: 
13 Sep 2017

Manuela Melucci, Laura Favaretto, Massimo Zambianchi, Sergio Lopez, Andrea Mazzanti, Chiara Zanardi, Seeber Renato, Denis Gentili, Francesco Valle, Emilia Benvenuti, Michele Muccini, Giampiero Ruani, Francesco Mercuri, Silvia Milita, Fabiola Liscio, Massimiliano Cavallini, Stefano Toffanin

Biblio References: 
Journal of Materials Chemistry C