Once known as LAMEL, the IMM Institute in Bologna is a multidisciplinary research structure, which has been working for more than thirty years in the field of materials and devices for microelectronics, with a particular focus on silicon.


The multidisciplinary nature is a peculiar characteristic of the Bologna branch: the contemporary presence of physicists, chemists and electronic engineers allows a global approach to the problems of materials and devices, thus overriding the schemes of traditional disciplinary areas.

The specificity of this branch arises from the ability to cover the whole cultural area comprising material characterization, study of processes as well as design and realization of integrated devices. This activity has a relevant role within the different steps (system architecture, circuit design, technological realization, characterization) which contribute in defining the cultural context of microelectronics and microsystems.

The Bologna branch is equipped with a class 100 clean room facility for research and manufacturing in the field of microelectronics and microsystems. This environment allows strict control of contamination and permits to address high levels of reliability and reproducibility of technological processes, which are key prerequisites for successful fabrication of devices and prototypes.


CNR IMM in Bologna