The 7th edition of the “Pier Giorgio Merli” Transmission Electron Microscopy School, jointly organised by SISM and CNR-IMM, in two full weeks, will provide students and researchers with a qualified introduction to TEM and STEM techniques for materials science.


In the first week (19-23 November 2018), after an introduction to the (S)TEM working principles, the theoretical background of SAED, CBED, HREM, HAADF-STEM, EELS, EDS and Holography will be detailed. Examples of applications will include crystallographic phases identification, strain determination, studies of lattice defects, nanoparticles and nanotubes characterization in solids and devices, compositional investigations, analysis of phase variations.


In the second week (4-8 February 2019), the knowledge acquired during the first part of the School will be put into practice. Students, under teacher’s supervision, will operate on the 200 kV Schottky FEG TEM-STEM (FEI Tecnai F20 ST) installed at the CNR-IMM Institute. Students will be also trained to the use of some of the available simulation and data processing software essential for (S)TEM work.


A certificate of attendance will be given to all the participants and upon request a certificate of the acquired skills, that may be also used for academic credits, will be issued after an examination.


As participation to the School is open to people from all countries the official language is English.


Please refer to the School’s web site, for a more complete description of the School’s subjects:


2018-11-19 to 2018-11-23