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Ion Implantation 1.7MV HV-Tandetron 4117HC
  Eaton NV4206
Conventional Annealing (diffusion, oxidation, ...) 6 Tubes ASM 185-4
UHT annealing SiC furnace J.I.P.ELEC
Low Pressure CVD 2 Horizontal LPCVD SEMCO MINILAB DF 500-6
  2 LPCVD reactors: Polysilicon, Silicon Nitride
Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition RF-VHF multi chamber system
Rapid Thermal Process LPT RTP twin system
Vapor Prime process Delta 150 VPO Hotplate-BLE
Spin coater Delta 20-BLE
Baking 2 Delta 150TT-BLE
Optical Lithography Front-to-back side Mask Aligner MA4 Karl-Süss
  Front-side Mask Aligner MA/BA6 Karl-Süss with DUV Tools and Nanoimprint UV-Assisted
Nanolithography CrossBeam 340 FIB/EBL ZEISS-RAITH
  RIE SI 591 - Sentech
  Stripper PVA - Tepla 200
Deep Reactive Ion Etching Alcatel A601E
Wafer Bonding Bond Aligner BA6 Karl-Süss
  Substrate Bonder SB6 Karl-Süss
Wet Etching RCA Cleaning Bench
  Wet Bench
  Micromachining Bench KOH
  Micromachining Bench TMAH
Rinse Drier Semitool ST 240 and 270S model
Sputter Deposition MRC 8603
  MRC 8622
Metal Evaporation VARIAN 3119
Chemical vapor deposition Elettrorava & IMM Cold walls reactor
  Hot walls reactor
Dicing ADT 7100 Series – 2” VECTUS


Ellipsometer Autoel II Rudolph Research
4-Point Probe FPP 5000 Veeco Instrument
Microscopes Nikon N90i
  Leitz Laborlux 12 XL
  Leitz Orthoplan
Optical Profiler SmartWLi Extended - GBS
Mechanical Profiler Veeco Dektak 6M